Andes Open 2014

Chili,   5 janvier 2014 – 26 janvier 2014


Andes Open
1 QV Rocca Vidal Carlos 6 493
2 QZ Vidal René 6 151
3 ET Gostner Thomas 5 535
1 WY Becerra Nicolás 3 530
2 23W Weiner Hans 3 402
3 WF Barrenechea Jorge 2 503
1 WM Garcia Jose Tomás 3 685
2 JQ Lama Cristobal 3 618
3 1W Reich Cristián 3 263

One day to go

OK, after 6 tasks, we have one day to go.

Yesterday we had a very interesting "south task". Different strategies were applied: the high route, the direct route and the lower route. Arturo (V25) on a very brave move took the direct route directly from "potreros" to "San Ramón east". For the first time we had a pilot heading north over the Olivares valley, nice! That gave Thomas (ET) a very good speed.

Well, our championship is almost done. With smoky days, massive Los Andes outlanding due to the closing of Vitacura and a "Los Andes Task" this has been a different championship. What has remained the same is the friendship among pilots specially with our visitors. Also the marvellous sightseeing during races over Los Andes mountains. And needless to say... the 140+ speeds... we love high speeds... ;-)

 With one race to go there still points to win, stay tuned for the final results...


Ecrit le 12 janvier 2014 14:26.

148 kph for the Andes open

A very good day with strong thermals and good ridges we had on our day number 5. 148 kph for the winner, not bad ah? It looks like the good conditions came to stay so we espect fast races for the last two days. 
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Ecrit le 11 janvier 2014 13:34.

Ahhhhh... 140+ kph speeds are back!!!

Yep, finally the smoke from wildfires is gone and we have our soaring paradise back. With the best speed above 140 kph, yesterday task was "fast and furious". Some pilots needed oxigen to make the track with altitudes over 4800 m AMSL. Cycles, cycles, cycles... With very cyclic thermals, you can win or loose a race because of the cycle. On day number 2, one bad cycle at "laboratorio" got Carlos on the second place. Yesterday, a longer bad cycle at "lagunas" got René on the second place. So take...
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Ecrit le 8 janvier 2014 12:45.

Bienvenidos al Andes Open 2014

Todo listo para la versión 2014 del Andes Open. Este domingo 5 de enero se dará comienzo al ya trdicional campeonato Andes Open 2014 partiendo con la categoría Open ;-) A partir del  miércoles 8 se incorpora la categoría Cobre y del 22 al 25 de enero se realizará la categoría Precordillera. Este año tendremos un record de participación con 21 competidores en la categoría Open. Esten atentos a las novedades....
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Ecrit le 2 janvier 2014 14:49.

Dernier vainqueur

1. Vidal René 128,92 km/h
2. Rocca Vidal Carlos 123,06 km/h
3. Wenzel Jurgen 118,11 km/h
1. Weiner Hans 72,97 km/h
2. Becerra Nicolás 68,95 km/h
3. Ziller Niko 63,81 km/h
1. Reich Cristián 63,02 km/h
2. Garcia Jose Tomás 54,09 km/h
3. Lama Cristobal 61,85 km/h

Dernière épreuve

Epreuve 8, 12 janv. 2014
Distance de l'épreuve : 202,09 km  /  521,58 km  (361,08 km)
Durée de l'épreuve : 2:15:00
Mise à jour : 21/05/2015 06:46
Epreuve 4, 26 janv. 2014
Distance de l'épreuve : 192,22 km  /  362,90 km  (352,45 km)
Durée de l'épreuve : 3:30:00
Mise à jour : 21/05/2015 06:46
Epreuve 4, 12 janv. 2014
Distance de l'épreuve : 56,74 km  /  198,80 km  (103,45 km)
Durée de l'épreuve : 2:00:00
Mise à jour : 21/05/2015 06:46

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