Bidford Regionals 2020 (Cancelled)

Bidford, Royaume-Uni,   4 juillet 2020 – 12 juillet 2020

Bidford Regionals 2020 Cancelled due to COVID-19

We have hung on in the hope things would allow us to hold the Bidford 2020 comp but We're sorry it’s time to say we have to cancel. We have made the decision on both safety reasons and the practical inability to run the comp with any degree of being able to maintain social distancing, which we all know will continue for some time. We're lead to understand the BGA is not expecting any comp to run before August and even then the probability is not high that they will at all this year.

We said in one of our earlier emails that the club has said they will be happy to returned the entrance fee to anyone requesting it. The club is however offering to those who have paid the full entrance fee, to roll this over to next year’s comp, hence guaranteeing a place in the 2021 comp and fixing the entrance fee at this year’s level.

Stay Safe, and hope to see you next year.




Ecrit par : Tim Newport-Peace le 9 mai 2020 16:58.

Welcome to Bidford

You’ve heard it all before but what's important for a good comp? Location, location, location – Bidford is one of the best for making the most of the weather. It's a very friendly club – many competitors return year after year including some world winners. Very popular café with excellent food and an affordable bar. Bring your own crew or not – small wings big wings wood or glass and we will look after you. Good accommodation, restaurants, golf clubs and tourist centres all locally. Or bring yo...
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