Booker CP Challenge

Chiltern Park, Royaume-Uni,   13 juin 2020 – 14 juin 2020

Day 1 Admin

Hi all. Please make sure that you attend Richard's briefing tomorrow at 08:30 Here you will get site detail, weather from Nils, and Notam info. I will publish the task later on WhatsApp. Please text Rich if you are not already in the Booker Gliding Club WhatsApp group.

I expect WX to be good for a task but with an early start and early finish. Please be ready to launch by Midday latest. If you want to launch earlier that will be good. We will have a held start as normal.

Ecrit par : Jim White le 12 juin 2020 09:29.

Dernière épreuve

Epreuve 2, 14 juin 2020
Distance de l'épreuve : 120,39 km
Mise à jour : 14/06/2020 09:11