Booker Regionals 2015

Wycombe, Royaume-Uni,   27 juin 2015 – 5 juillet 2015


1 370 Denis Campbell 3 403
2 J1M Jim White 3 291
3 J34 Ayala Truelove 3 155

Sunday on hold

We have tasks and await a re-brief at mid-day.  We can see a blue sky approaching and even a few Cu.  The big question is; how wide is the soaring window !!!  Still time for the lead to change.

Ecrit par : Robert Smith le 5 juillet 2015 10:28.

Friday finishers

Not so many finishers today but a good task that made the most of the day.  Lots of top cover and weak climbs kept the speeds low.  A few landouts around Thame. Everyone accounted for and gliders on the way back. Saturday briefing at 10. Grid before briefing. Forecast has good climbs but some wind.
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Ecrit par : Robert Smith le 3 juillet 2015 18:08.

Day 4

We have a task - avoiding all the air displays and motor racing events - first launch not before 1130 on 06
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Get ready for Friday

Thursday has been scrubbed. Info from this mornings presentation will be added to website later today. Friday briefing at 10. Rig before briefing. Good day forecast but not sure how long the soaring window will be.
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Ecrit par : Robert Smith le 2 juillet 2015 11:41.

Bouncing in the Blue

A fantastic task yesterday in clear blue skies.  Great fun if you could see the gaggles, not so easy for those that had a run through bad air. Wednesday has now been scrubbed. Next Briefing, Thursday, set for an hour later, 11am.  DO NOT grid before briefing.  Possible task after a front has passed through.  
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Briefing will be at 12 noon.
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Ecrit par : Jane Moore le 1 juillet 2015 08:33.

Tuesday - Day 3

The sky is blue but the Met Man is promising small cu so it looks like being a good racing day. The task is a cat's cradle to the north. The grid is in formation.
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Ecrit par : Jane Moore le 30 juin 2015 10:01.

Update - Sunday

Sunday Scrubbed.  Monday looking like a definite Day 2.  Currently Grid before briefing and briefing set for 10am, but drop in to Control for any update in the morning. Lots of Pics on the gallery now (from Graham and Chris) and there is also a great set from Day 1 loaded on-line by Stephen Greenham. If you need a high quality original send an email to and will help find the photographer.
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Briefing - Sunday

Today's task is currently TBD. Optimistic Met Man is offering us a window late this afternoon.  Pre-Rebrief meeting for competitors at the clubhouse - 1pm. Congratulations to George on his award for best achievement of the day; getting back to the airfield with a text book final glide after his first comp task ever.  Also provided the most entertaining snail trace action replay.
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Booker Regionals 2015 - Entries

The Booker 2015 UK BGA Regionals still has a few spaces left.  Entry fee now confirmed at only £120. We have some additional sponsored prizes including Sailplane and Gliding Magazine subscriptions.  The Pilot List is on the club website and as soon as the few remaining places are filled we will load the Pilot list to SoaringSpot. Entry Form -
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Dernier vainqueur

1. Jim White 78,87 km
1. Denis Campbell 78,87 km
3. Wayne Aspland 67,76 km
4. William Parker 60,63 km
Mise à jour : 19/08/2015 17:50

Dernière épreuve

Epreuve 8, 5 juil. 2015
Distance de l'épreuve : 158,18 km
Mise à jour : 05/07/2015 21:12

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