3rd FAI 13.5 m World Gliding Championship

Pavullo, Italie,   1 septembre 2019 – 14 septembre 2019

Welcome in Pavullo!



We are happy to see some of the best international pilots arriving in Pavullo. It's nice to reunite with such good friends!


The official training will begin tomorrow. Today, we have a simple meteo forecast printed on paper and published on the official board in the Briefing room "Sala B" (behind the first hangar). An AAT has been set, for those who want to explore the procedures and the routine.


Everyone at the club are working on the last details and refinements.


Technical inspection of gliders (scrutineering) will take place on the 29th and the 30th. Registration of competitors will be possible from the 28th.





Ecrit par : Aldo Cernezzi le 27 août 2019 10:04.

Dernier vainqueur

1. Thomas Gostner 63,98 km/h
2. Stefano Ghiorzo 63,14 km/h
3. Christoph Matkowski 62,38 km/h
Mise à jour : 14/09/2019 23:55

Dernière épreuve

Epreuve 11, 14 sept. 2019
Distance de l'épreuve : 111,83 km  /  254,00 km  (181,58 km)
Durée de l'épreuve : 2:25:00
Mise à jour : 14/09/2019 23:55
Epreuve 6, 7 sept. 2019
Distance de l'épreuve : 216,38 km
Mise à jour : 07/09/2019 15:39