Northern Regionals 2010

Royaume-Uni,   31 juillet 2010 – 8 août 2010


1 172 Graham Morris 785
2 SH Rory O'Conor 779
3 400 Jack Stephen 751

Day 4

The forecast for today was surprisingly optimistic. Small amounts of blue sky were evident, however it quickly began to change, with large amounts of stratus at various levels cutting off the sun. Still, given the forecast models, we optimistically began developing a wide range of tasks - from 315Km right down to 122Km. As it turned out, we were right to hedge our bets.

Conditions changed rapidly, leaving us with a pallid and uninspiring sky. Being the last day, we didn't want to give up easily so we set briefed three tasks; Task A being 230 Km, B being 162Km andC being 122 Km. First launch was due around 12:30.

In the end we hung around on the grid until 3.15pm when, in a fit of enthusiasm, we decided to launch. The sky at that point looked reasonably good. As typical for the week however, the sky changed rapidly, and a few small spots of rain were felt even before the start line opened. However we had a flurry of starts... and not more than 20 minutes later, most of those gliders had landed at nearby RAF Linton, on the way to Wetherby!

Ah well, no-one can say we didn't try. It's just that the weather refused to co-operate.

We're looking forward to prize-giving once we get everyone back. I just hope that they haven't set up a Gibbet for us.

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Day 3

Day 3 - more of the same forecast. It was a difficult call deciding what tasks to set, but we set some anyway. All of the competitors were lined up on the grid, ready to go, when several large showers appeared in the intended task area. The Director, Met. man and myself banged our heads together for a while, before deciding to call a front-of-grid re-brief for Task C of 104.5Km. This task went out to the west and then north, where it wasn't showering at the time. However, by the time we'd given...
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Day 2 revisited - we've actually flown!

Well we were surprised this morning when we woke up to find the sky blue and no sign of clouds early on. The Met. Man predicted possible overcast skies and showers developing. However there was also a chance that there would be good soarable conditions for a while, so two tasks were set, the first being 191 Km, and the second being 127 Km. Soon after briefing the Director went to sniff the air in a K21, and reported very soarable conditions. First launch was announced as being 11:00, and soon t...
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Day 2 scrubbed

We took the decision to scrub at 13:45 - looking at the weather forecasts and the satellite pictures, there was no hope of a task. As for tomorrow, who knows? 
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Day 2

Today has dawned damp and gloomy, with orographic cloud on the hill and fog in the valley. We're preparing briefing as we speak, but we're not giving up yet! 
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Day 1 take 3 - and we have lift-off!

We set two tasks, 127.7Km and 93.0Km today, eventually sending the competitors on the smaller of the two. A *very* small weather window opened, giving us enough time to get the grid airborne and on task. 10 pilots finished, with some landing-back and a smattering of land-outs.  
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Gone Snifting

Our Rotax Falke is just about to take off into a cloudy sky to go and investigate conditions. Our CFI and Met. Man are aboard. Meanwhile, I'm setting tasks until they get back and give me their verdict
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Day 1 take 2

Sunday dawned with an overcast gray sky, but evidence of a hole stretching the length of the Vale of Mowbray, which gave us hope. Three tasks were set, 182 Km, 137 Km and 101 Km, with the middle one being picked, and first launch not before 12:30. Indications from the Snifter were good, so the competitors were prepared for launch. However the conditions began to overdevelop rapidly, and by the time the grid was ready tolaunch, we felt the first spots of rain, which turned into a succession of h...
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We reluctantly decided to scrub the day at 3.30pm - the hoped for clearance had, um, cleared off. We're looking forward to tonight's birthday bash though, and hoping for a better flying day tomorrow.
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Saturday July 31st - Day 1?

Well, we set two tasks in anticipation of a clearance which we could see on the Visible and Infra-red satellite images. Task A is 122.8Km and Task B is 82.3Km. We're hopeful that the clearance might last long enough to get our guys round one of these. We're keeping fingers crossed!
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Epreuve 9, 8 août 2010
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