Husbands Bosworth Challenge Cup 2019

Husbands Bosworth, Velika Britanija,   03. avgust 2019 – 11. avgust 2019


1 38 Richard Large 3.518
2 205 Peter Baker 3.188
3 X97 Francesca Roberts 3.055

Airspace files

Airspace files for the Competition period has now been uploaded to Soaring Spot

Napisal: Colin Davey dne 29. julij 2019 09:32.

Updated Local Rules

Updated local rules are available in the downloads section
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Napisal: Colin Davey dne 29. junij 2019 07:21.

Local rules now published

Please look in the additional downloads for the Local rules for the Hus Bos Challenge Cup
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Napisal: Colin Davey dne 12. junij 2019 07:31.

Turn point files for HB Challenge Cup

There is a TP file uploaded for the competition. please use this file for the competition as this will be used for scoring and it includes the finish ring TP - HBX  
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Napisal: Colin Davey dne 20. maj 2019 14:05.

Registration Details

Thank you all pilots that have entered for this years HB Challenge Cup. Unfortunatly we now have our maximum entrants of 50, so I am now operating a waiting list. If any slots become available I will contact the pilots on the waiting list in order of application, at the moment there are 3 pilots on the waiting list.   Please note that we will be using Robocontrol for all our admin before and during the competition. You all should have recieved a login email for robocontrol. Please can you login...
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Napisal: Colin Davey dne 10. februar 2019 08:17.
Popravil: Colin Davey dne 20. maj 2019 06:46.

Hus Bos Challenge Cup 2019

Welcome to the Hus Bos Challenge Cup of 2019. HB is the home of one of the most successful UK competitions and uses variable distance handicap task setting (variable barrels) for a true race round the tasks. Our unique location in the centre of the country together with feeedom from airspace restrictions means that we can set tasks to the east coast, to the Humber in the north, or across to Wales and down to Lasham. Hus Bos is a very friendly club, don't just take our word, many competitors retu...
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Popravil: Colin Davey dne 12. november 2018 14:20.

Zadnji zmagovalec

1. Richard Large 108,61 km/h
2. Paul Rice 105,25 km/h
HC Rory Ellis 104,25 km/h
Posodobljeno: 11. 08. 19 12:06

Najnovejša naloga

Naloga 9, 11. avg. 2019
Razdalja naloge: 91,15 km
Posodobljeno: 11. 08. 19 09:23