2019 Lake Keepit Regatta

Lake Keepit, Avstralija,   23. februar 2019 – 02. marec 2019


Open Class
1 ZAB Barnes & Fagan 5.550
2 GAY Dave Pickles 5.478
3 ZKT Matthew Atkinson 5.093

Great Day with Great Results

I did say yesterday that there'd be good speeds,   and I was correct.



Wonderful  day of flying for all of the pilots,   some of the speeds,  Al Barnes with Dave Fagan 139.48, Ian Baraclough and Geoff Sim in SI 131.91kph,  and Dave Pickles in the mighty PIK 118.39kph to take out second place,  these results are pretty good,  in fact I would say "fantastic".   But look at the others,  Mathew Atkinson 125.39kph,  Casey Lewis 127.57,  Steventon and Hall in IE 118.07,  Kel Burgess 113.11,   Nick Singer in F1 117.9,   and the Regatta Director Jay Anderson 114.0.     For a Regatta here at Lake Keepit " at the tail end of summer",    all of these speeds/results are fantastic.....

Todays task is set,    first launch 1200midday,   3:00hours AAT,   good weather again......

Scattered Cumulus and cloud streets pretty much everywhere......

Napisal: Peter Summerfeldt dne 01. marec 2019 22:28.
Popravil: Peter Summerfeldt dne 02. marec 2019 03:22.

Launch Complete, Fantastic Sky.

First Launch was 1200Midday,  all launched in 45minutes,  into a fantastic sky.   Scattered Cumulus in all directions covering all of the sky.  There will be some good speeds here today.....
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Napisal: Peter Summerfeldt dne 01. marec 2019 02:37.

Looks Like another mighty-fine day here at Keepit

Briefing will commence shortly,   all pilots are here and exitedly ready for another day of fun and adventure. Today we fly a three hour AAT,  first launch at Midday.   Weather Good,  all tugs ready....
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Napisal: Peter Summerfeldt dne 28. februar 2019 22:28.

Keepit Pilots, once again First and Second......

Keepit Goin' you Keepit Pilots,   today the weather was good, but,  it looked quite interesting,   and those of us back here at Keepit Base thought that there might be a  tiny bit of hard work happening out on task.  Only a couple of outlandings, both not far away,  so they were taken care of and are now back here on the airfield. Jay(YL) finished nicely with 1000 points, followed by Casey (B3) on 919 points,  and then in a Duo Discus (IE) came Ian and Rohan,  good job everyone..
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Napisal: Peter Summerfeldt dne 28. februar 2019 09:13.

Keepit Pilots finish one and two

Today was interesting,   all pilots working very hard to achieve good results.     Casey (B3) finished nicely, good  work Case,    closely followed by Mat (V8),  well done Matty,     and then third is  Dave P  in a mighty Pik...  good work Dave.....   During the day only two outlandings,  both at Upper Horten. Everyone's returned now   (including  the  two recovery flights from Upper Horten).  
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Napisal: Peter Summerfeldt dne 27. februar 2019 10:47.
Popravil: Peter Summerfeldt dne 27. februar 2019 10:52.

Regatta Going Great

Day 1 was cancelled due to dangerous wind. Day 2  also cancelled due to dangerous wind. Day 3, all up and flying,  we all had a great day,  only a couple of outlandings. Day 4, yesterday,   we all had a great day,  nice weather, good food, good sky. Day 5,  today,    sky looks good,  briefing is complete and off we go...  Today is a 3hour 45minute AAT....
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Napisal: Peter Summerfeldt dne 26. februar 2019 23:24.
Popravil: Peter Summerfeldt dne 27. februar 2019 10:48.

The Lake Keepit Regatta is a fun, friendly and informal regatta, with entries restricted to 30 gliders.

  Flight Trace upload here please https://glidingcomp.flights/LKR19/  
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Napisano dne 05. januar 2019 00:22.

Zadnji zmagovalec

1. Dave Pickles 116,99 km/h
2. Steventon & Hall/Smith 116,05 km/h
3. Barnes & Fagan 121,96 km/h
Posodobljeno: 2. 03. 19 22:54

Najnovejša naloga

Naloga 8, 2. mar. 2019
Razdalja naloge: 207,73 km  /  463,15 km  (220,62 km)
Trajanje naloge: 3:00:00
Posodobljeno: 2. 03. 19 08:34

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