National Gliding Championships Taupo 2020

Taupo, Nova Zelandija,   02. februar 2020 – 15. februar 2020


1 GDX Peter Hartmann 8.275
2 GVZ Patrick Driessen 8.193
3 GOP Tim Bromhead 7.154
1 GGX Mark Wilson 7.464
2 GKP Steve Foreman 6.575
3 GNM Trace Austin 6.512

The Last Post

Well, what a dramatic last day. One had to feel sorry for the Contest Director having to make a call on a 50/50 day with so much at stake, but make a call he did, and 50/50 it was. Most of the Open class got around, and there was a significant shift in the placings. Most of the Racing class landed out, so there was no change in the placings. Congratulations to the two new National champions- well deserved wins to Patrick Driessen in the Open and Mark Wilson in the Racing class. A special vote of thanks and a light-hearted but sincere award was made to Peter Hartmann who won the Open class on points, but as a visiting overseas pilot was not eligible to be National Champion.

Prizegiving was held after a wonderful dinner at a Rotary House - a most enjoyable wind-up to a most enjoyable competition.

Napisal: Hugh de Lautour dne 15. februar 2020 09:46.
Popravil: Hugh de Lautour dne 16. februar 2020 08:27.

Sat 15th - Last day.

Hurry up and wait. The weather forecast indicated overdevelopment later in the day, so a task was set for a 1200 takeoff, and gliders were gridded. It was already overdeveloped. The self-launcher GDE took off to fly to Matamata, but the news from him as our sniffer extraordinaire was all bad. Within 45 minutes he was back at Centennial Park, having not been able to get over the hills just South of Tokoroa. So here we all are, perhaps not as happy as could be, but waiting, waiting.
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Napisal: Hugh de Lautour dne 15. februar 2020 00:03.

Task 9 - the penultimate day,

Whoa! Hold the phone! Only one day to go and look at the leaderboard. Anything could happen and probably will! It’s tough at the top, they say, but so are these pilots. Noone’s giving an inch, but everyone’s trying to take a mile. Anything to get those few extra points that will make the difference between becoming the National Champion and the other place which is not the national champion.  Today was fun. The forecast was not great, two tasks were prepared, and a decision was postponed until 1...
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Napisal: Hugh de Lautour dne 14. februar 2020 08:44.

Task 8 - 13th Feb.

Oooh - the 13th! Lucky for some, but bad news for others! Again an "iffy" day, but a launch was begun about 1315 and away we went, chasing five big circles in the sky. Most would admit it was hard work, but what it did do was show the men up from the boys. The "guns" got around in style, and the mere mortals landed out. It must be noted, though, that these are the first real landouts we've had all tournament, and also noted that all were on good farm strips. Well done you guys. Now take a peek a...
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Napisal: Hugh de Lautour dne 13. februar 2020 07:14.
Popravil: Hugh de Lautour dne 13. februar 2020 07:14.

Task 7 - 12th Feb

Task 6 was cancelled, so the prizegiving this morning was for yesterday's other activities and achievements! The day got off to a bit of an uncertain start - Rasp and Skysight disagreed on details, but both indicated a late start to any development so a task was set and the launch was scheduled for the later time of 1300. Even then it was scratchy, and many struggled to get away, but by 1400 there was enough activity for everyone to get a start. You can see the results for yourselves, but once a...
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Napisal: Hugh de Lautour dne 12. februar 2020 08:27.

Day 9 -(yes really this time!)

Apologies for the mistake yesterday - it was Day 8 and it was great. Today is Day 9 and it is fine. Only thing is there are no LFC's  (that's little fluffy clouds to the uninitiated) so no task.  Nice to be in Taupo, though, where we can go golfing, walking, biking, swimming (hot or cold), boating or even recreational gliding! Tomorrow's looking good.
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Napisal: Hugh de Lautour dne 10. februar 2020 23:36.

Day 9, Task 5

I feel sorry for anyone who wasn't flying in the Nationals today! It was a day that had a bit of everything. It started with blue skies and uncertainty, and finished with lots of smiling faces and stories over a beer. Sniffers were sent up at about 1235, and came back with positive responses so the launch was continued. Some got low, some got high, but eventually everyone got away and the day just got better and better. Once again the task-setters did a great job, allowing everyone to fly to the...
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Napisal: Hugh de Lautour dne 10. februar 2020 08:24.

Back on the air

Well here we are at the end of the first week, and back on the air in more ways than one. Apologies for the lack of news over the last few days, but we are having a few technical issues. Anyway we're definitely back on track with the gliding; several good days, and at least one GREAT day when thermals were powerful and plentiful, and streets were bustling with fast traffic at 6,500 ft. Wednesday was the first good day, and a racing task was set up to Thames and back. The westerly that had been s...
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Napisal: John Etches dne 09. februar 2020 06:53.

Day One

Day One - supposedly first day we fly.......Second day we don't fly! Bugger. 20kt Westerly killing everything. More R&M or R&R.
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Napisal: John Etches dne 02. februar 2020 20:36.

Practise day

We are here - we are ready - we are blown away. No task today due excess wind destroying any chance of thermals developing. Tomorrow looking similar, but hoping for the best.
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Napisal: John Etches dne 01. februar 2020 23:42.

Zadnji zmagovalec

1. Tim Bromhead 89,00 km/h
2. Keith Essex 85,34 km/h
3. Patrick Driessen 82,83 km/h
Posodobljeno: 19. 02. 20 09:46

Najnovejša naloga

Naloga 10, 15. feb. 2020
Razdalja naloge: 147,13 km  /  397,04 km  (265,87 km)
Trajanje naloge: 2:15:00
Posodobljeno: 15. 02. 20 08:27
Naloga 10, 15. feb. 2020
Razdalja naloge: 147,13 km  /  397,04 km  (265,87 km)
Trajanje naloge: 2:30:00
Posodobljeno: 15. 02. 20 08:24

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