Northern Regionals 2010

Velika Britanija,   31. julij 2010 – 08. avgust 2010

Day 1 take 2

Sunday dawned with an overcast gray sky, but evidence of a hole stretching the length of the Vale of Mowbray, which gave us hope. Three tasks were set, 182 Km, 137 Km and 101 Km, with the middle one being picked, and first launch not before 12:30.

Indications from the Snifter were good, so the competitors were prepared for launch. However the conditions began to overdevelop rapidly, and by the time the grid was ready tolaunch, we felt the first spots of rain, which turned into a succession of heavy showers! The day was consequently scrubbed.

Fingers crossed for a better day tomorrow?

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Najnovejša naloga

Naloga 9, 8. avg. 2010
Razdalja naloge: 122,33 km
Posodobljeno: 21. 05. 15 06:33