Northern Regionals 2010

Velika Britanija,   31. julij 2010 – 08. avgust 2010

Day 2 revisited - we've actually flown!

Well we were surprised this morning when we woke up to find the sky blue and no sign of clouds early on.

The Met. Man predicted possible overcast skies and showers developing. However there was also a chance that there would be good soarable conditions for a while, so two tasks were set, the first being 191 Km, and the second being 127 Km.

Soon after briefing the Director went to sniff the air in a K21, and reported very soarable conditions. First launch was announced as being 11:00, and soon the grid were off. Meanwhile, a rapidly advancing mid-layer of cloud cover advanced from the west, over the top of the building cumulus. Grid launching was, however underway and the first competitors set off around 11:40.

About an hour later, we began to have land-outs and land-backs. Even the hot ships such as the Venti, ASW27s and LS6 returned home after turning Driffield, having not made it to the second TP at Masham due to a 5-mile wide band of showers. 

However, at least we've flown. At this point it looks like it will be a valid contest day, so points will be scored!

Watch this space for details of the results which should start coming in soon.

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