Campeonato Open-Soria-Garray de Vuelo a Vela 2022

Garray, Španija,   27. junij 2022 – 09. julij 2022

Invitation Bulletin for the OPEN-SORIA-GARRAY 2022

Dear Friends,

The organizing committee of the WWGC2023 is delighted to invite you to participate on the
championship OPEN-AIRPULL-SORIA-GARRAY 2022.

The competition is open to any pilot wishing to explore the skies of Soria in Garray (LEGY), the same venue of the WWGC2023 and on a similar dates than the next year championship. Also it is a good opportunity to explore the area, enjoy the friendship of the Castilian people, their ancient culture, enjoy their wonderful gastronomy and have a really good time on a friendly atmosphere.

We enjoy of the exceptional weather of the Castile plateau and we encourage pilots to participate on this championship, it is a good opportunity to train for next year, this championship is OPEN to any pilot (female or male).

You can find more details on the SoaringSpot page:

The SORIA-GARRAY airport (LEGY) is open all year round as well, in case you cannot attend this championship, but you are interested to explore the area.

Pedro Toquero

Contest Sport Director



Santiago Marti

Competition Director

Napisal: Angel Casado dne 10. november 2021 17:45.

Zadnji zmagovalec

1. Pablo Vispe 108,92 km/h
2. Jorge Arias Riera 99,97 km/h
3. Jaume Prats 106,28 km/h
Posodobljeno: 9. 07. 22 18:20
1. Maximilian Seis 125,64 km/h
2. Luis Emilio Garcia Castillo 116,73 km/h
3. Marcel Soler 104,20 km/h
Posodobljeno: 9. 07. 22 18:20

Najnovejša naloga

Naloga 7, 9. jul. 2022
Razdalja naloge: 102,11 km  /  241,12 km  (150,95 km)
Trajanje naloge: 2:00:00
Posodobljeno: 9. 07. 22 09:24
Naloga 7, 9. jul. 2022
Razdalja naloge: 137,21 km  /  324,92 km  (205,32 km)
Trajanje naloge: 2:30:00
Posodobljeno: 9. 07. 22 09:15