[Condor]Australia Condor 2 Competition

Austral Downs, Australia,   May 9, 2020 – May 18, 2020


1 OBH Luke Swinkels 2,688
2 DOK Werner Strauss 2,342
3 3R David Kinlan 2,311


The first race will be on the 24 of April so Friday.
The races will be every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
The server will be up at 7 pm QLD time and you will have 10 minutes to join, then 15 minutes prestart then the races is ON!
The server will be called Australia Gliding with No Password.
For the first few race we will be using the default landscape (Slovenia) .
When people get bored of a landscape, we will put a different landscape on OneDrive for people to download and instructions how to set it up in condor 2.
The task will be around an hour long, so you don’t get to bored in the race.
We will Decide on a glider class before every race.
If you have any questions about condor 2 just send me an email. Peter04brunton@gmail.com

Written by: Peter Brunton on April 24, 2020 at 3:55 AM.

Latest winner

1. Mark Hunt 177.99 km/h
2. Marc Hugelshofer 197.42 km/h
3. Luke Swinkels 186.72 km/h
Updated: 5/21/20, 3:52 PM

Latest task

Task 3, May 21, 2020
Task distance: 138.73 km
Updated: 5/21/20, 4:22 PM