Lietuvos virtualaus sklandymo čempionatas 2021

London City, United Kingdom,   3 January 2021 – 18 January 2021

Feedback after 1st official training

So, how was the flight? :)

Congratulations do not entering to forbidden airspace! Not so difficult only you need never forgot about it!

Somebody, not fully read the rules! So, he got some penalties for the loo pass of the finish ring.

One competitor computer restarted. Check the Windows updates, restart computer before the task!

Starting procedure was not smooth for some of you. I have one request to make it more easy to you and scoring. So, when decided to start, make it, but please do not return back to starting sector take more altitude! If so program will give you too high start and all your flight must be evaluated manually if it is could be find valid according the rules. This makes a lot of troubles, time waist. So, when started look for the first thermal on the route!

See you on Sunday, 19:00 EET (UTC +2 [h]). Check Vilnius time. Next training will be AAT!

Written by: Arturas Klimasauskas on 21 December 2020 at 17:19.

Latest winner

1. Joshua Setford 110.69 km/h
2. Darius Gudžiūnas 122.86 km/h
3. Piotr Raczynski 129.14 km/h
Updated: 11/01/2021, 19:43

Latest task

Task 2, 10 Jan 2021
Task distance: 209.89 km
Updated: 10/01/2021, 19:00