Lietuvos virtualaus sklandymo čempionatas 2021

London City, United Kingdom,   3 January 2021 – 18 January 2021

First official training Day!

This Sunday we are starting the 1st official training. Rezults will be pulished here in SoaringSpot. Participants must be registered beforе!

Now we limited to 3 pilots for other countries, exept Lithuania of course.

Imedialtly after the fligth you should send IGC file to given e-mail. File must be renamed as follows: "DDD_ABC.igc", where DDD - IGC date, ABC - you contest number (CN).

There two new gliders in Condor2. So, you could select also Arcus, H=117.5 and DG101D, H=98.3.

See You on Sunday, 19:00 EET!


Written by: Arturas Klimasauskas on 18 December 2020 at 15:52.
Edited by: Arturas Klimasauskas on 18 December 2020 at 16:03.

Latest winner

1. Joshua Setford 110.69 km/h
2. Darius Gudžiūnas 122.86 km/h
3. Piotr Raczynski 129.14 km/h
Updated: 11/01/2021, 19:43

Latest task

Task 2, 10 Jan 2021
Task distance: 209.89 km
Updated: 10/01/2021, 19:00