2020 NSW State Championships

Lake Keepit, Australia,   14 November 2020 – 21 November 2020


Sports (Club/Std/15)
1 S7 Allan Barnes 6,062
2 UKC Paul Dickson 4,939
3 RT David Turner 4,695
18m / Open
1 QR Bruce Taylor 6,182
2 1M Mak Ichikawa 5,915
3 1B Brad Edwards 5,812

Thank you to the volunteers

Some call gliding a solitary sport but no one achieves a thing without a long list of contributors & volunteers working before, during and after the big event.  To those kind folk, we we say thank you. 

CD & Chief herder of cats: Ian Downes

Organizer, Scorer & Media: Casey Lewis

Weather wrangler: Mac Ichikawa (1M)

Tasker: Bruce Taylor (QR)

Tugmaster: Val Phillips

Tuggies: Peter Richie, Al 'El Death' Giles & Peter Hoffmann

Grid Marshall & wing runners: Dave Shorter, Akemi, Delilah Scott & Mrs Humphrey

Admin: Michelle Dowell

Caterers: Jan 'Carrol Gap Farmhouse' Dircks & Zoe, Tustra 'Big Pan Paella'

Musos: Brad Edwards (1B), Tom Jamieson (XJY), Pete Richie & David Holmes

General contributors & all-round good folk: Jacques Graells, Zoe Scott, Pete Summerfeldt & Jacob Chan

Club staff: Wendy & Steve

Photographers: Val Phillips, Jacques Graells, Bruce Taylor & Kel Burgess

Retrievers: All those pilots that put others before themselves

Suppliers of tugs: Brad Edwards (1B), Pete Hoffmann & AAFC

And naturally, anyone I've missed.  Tasol from me folks, CJL out!



Written on 21 November 2020 at 13:03.

Results - Final

As tradition dictates, the Final Presentation Dinner is held at Carrol Gap Farmhouse.  A packed verandah congratulated the following winners in their respetive classes: Club class: 1st Paul Dickson  2nd David Pickles  3rd Vic Hatfield & Ian McPhee Standard class: 1st Allan Barnes  2nd Kel Burgess  3rd Christian Linnet 15m class: 1st Allan Barnes  2nd David Turner  3rd Kel Burgess 18m/Open class: 1st Bruce Taylor  2nd Mac Ichikawa  3rd Brad Edwards Congratulations!  

Written on 21 November 2020 at 12:11.

Results - D7

Day results for day 7 are as follows: In the short wings, Allan Barnes (S7) cemented his lead with 114.87kph & 1,000pts while Paul Dickson (UKC) managed to jump a spot with 98.03kph & 752pts.  Finally, Kel Burgess (XBY) decided to go out strong on 97.06kph & 721pts In the long wings, two competitors had their eye on the prize and at only 183pts apart is was anyone's game.  Bruce Taylor (QR) held off a challenge from Mac Ichikawa (1M) to win the day with 138.31kph & 1,000pts.  Mac finished close...

Written on 21 November 2020 at 11:55.

Introducing the Troops - Final

The final installment of who's who in the zoo at NSWSC20.  If you've not been featured, it's only because we couldn't get a photo of you! Mac Ichikawa (1M) of HVGC, ably crewed by Akemi Chris Bowman (PO), kindly shaded by Michelle Christian Linnet (XQV) of LKSC Kerrie Claffey (T1) of Soar Narromine Matthew Atkinson (V8) of LKSC Nick Singer (F1) of LKSC

Written on 21 November 2020 at 04:26.

Introducing the Troops - Part 3

Today's instalment of 'Meet the Troops' features: Paul Dickson (UKC) of HVGC, Allan Barnes (S7) of LKSC, David Turner (RT) of LKSC and Tom Jamieson (XJY) of LKSC, ably crewed by Delilah  

Written on 20 November 2020 at 13:28.

Tasking - D7

A gust front forecast to arrive at 1730hrs has resulted in a minimum 2,000' AGL finish height at 15km.  The temperature trace at Tamworth is a degree ahead of Skysight's forecast and that tasksetter has made the following decrees for the final day of racing. Short wings: 3.5hr AAT 338.7km/489.9km (333.9km) Long wings: 3hr AAT 250.3km/592.9km (393.3km)

Written on 20 November 2020 at 13:20.

Winners are Grinners - D6

Not yet fellas!  Just one more day to go before you can hook in. The penultimate day's winners (L to R) are:\ Bruce Taylor (QR) Allan Barnes (S7), & David Pickles (AY)  

Written on 20 November 2020 at 13:20.

Results - D6

A slight delay in the completion of scoring this evening as scoring was interrupted by an assault from a dentist.  Nevertheless, the results from the penultimate day of racing are now in and we've been rewarded with some jostling at the top.   Among the short wings, David Pickles (AY) repeated his first place performance from yesterday, leading the gaggle home with 103.96kph.  That not only beat all others in the group by points but also 'off the stick'!  Allan Barnes (S7) came second with 103.9...

Written on 20 November 2020 at 13:11.

Tasking - D6

Today's report needs to start with Mac Ichikawa's weather report earlier this morning, that had the overview: 'Another Cu day, with Ci'.  Skysight gave potential flight distances of 575 to 805km, with 4-5kts to 5,000' AGL by 12:30.  By 3pm 5-7kts to 10,500' AMSL was forecast, with the day weakening at 17:00.  That was the forecast, so what really happened?  Actual temperature rise at Tamworth stalled at 11:30 and was sitting 1.5 degrees below forecast.  A good day to deploy sniffers! As the temp...

Written on 20 November 2020 at 02:49.

Winners are Grinners - D5

Day 5 Winners (L to R) were David Pickles (AY), Mac Ichikawa (1M) & Allan Barnes (S7). Drinks are on them!  

Written on 20 November 2020 at 02:28.

Latest winner

1. Allan Barnes 114.87 km/h
2. Paul Dickson 98.03 km/h
3. Kel Burgess 97.06 km/h
Updated: 21/11/2020, 21:07
1. Bruce Taylor 138.31 km/h
2. Jacques Graells 132.51 km/h
2. Mak Ichikawa 133.70 km/h
4. Brad Edwards 138.95 km/h
Updated: 21/11/2020, 20:52

Latest task

Task 7, 21 Nov 2020
Task distance: 228.70 km  /  489.91 km  (333.88 km)
Task duration: 3:30:00
Updated: 21/11/2020, 11:01
Task 7, 21 Nov 2020
Task distance: 250.25 km  /  592.89 km  (393.26 km)
Task duration: 3:00:00
Updated: 21/11/2020, 17:16

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