Not the Dunstable Regionals 2020

Dunstable LGC, United Kingdom,   22 August 2020 – 31 August 2020


Task Group A
1 57 Mark Newland-Smith 567
2 R5 Rupert Robertson 528
3 NT Nick Tillet 504
Task Group B
1 721 Matty Hall 233
2 225 Ben Hudson 194
3 603 Nigel Perren 176
Task Group C
1 HH Helen Hingley 40
2 X8 Christian Brunschen 29
3 DMU Pete Goodchild 22
3 170 Guy Corbett 22

Task Week Scoring

There are three Task Groups, A, B and C. Each pilot will be entered in all three Task Groups.

Pilots can choose which task they fly each day, and do not need to formally declare beforehand which task they intend to fly. They are therefore free to change their mind if the conditions are not as hoped. However, note that this will have an effect on the BGA Ladder points

Only one task per pilot will be scored for each day.

Tasks to be submitted to the BGA Ladder to enable IGC files to be downloaded for scoring. Alternatively, IGC files can be emailed to the scorer.

Daily ‘class’ results will be published as normal on Soaring Spot.

Overall results will be published via the Downloads section on Soaring Spot (it can't cope with scoring across multiple classes).

Any airspace infringements will result in being scored as landing at that point, irrespective of whether the task has been started or not.

Normal BGA 1000 point scoring will be applied to each task group except that:

  • No wind adjustment (windicapping) will be applied

  • If a pilot abandons a task and lands back at Dunstable, the distance between Dunstable and the point that SeeYou considers them to have landed out will be added to their distance for scoring.

  • For day points calculations, the 'number of participating gliders' will be considered to be the number of gliders launched in the task group (instead of 'number not withdrawn').
    In effect, the number of traces submitted for the task will determine 'number launched', so if it's not obvious which task was being flown, you will need to make a comment on the ladder or in your email.

  • The five* best scores by any pilot across all task groups, will be counted against their total for the week.
    * may be revised depending on the number of days that we fly.

Written on 13 August 2020 at 16:00.

Cancellation of 2020 Dunstable Regionals

It is with regret that we have decided to cancel the 2020 Dunstable Regionals due to the current Covid 19 environment. Thanks to all those pilots who signed up to the competition and I look forward to seeing you all at the 2021 Dunstable Regionals.In place of the Regionals we will hold a task week….watch this space to follow its progress.Mark Newland-Smith

Written on 29 June 2020 at 12:01.

Welcome to the Dunstable Regionals 2020

Held at the end of August, when most of the fields have been cut, The Dunstable Regionals is a great competition for pilots of all levels. Here are just some of the reasons why we think you should come and join us. We are a friendly club with a reputation for running a challenging but fun competition with the majority of competitors, club members and visitors alike returning year after year. We have a well run professional restaurant, serving breakfast, lunch and evening meals. Affordable Club B...

Written on 30 January 2020 at 10:55.

Latest winner

1. Ed Johnson 108.11 km/h
2. Helen Hingley 98.50 km/h
3. Nick Tillet 97.26 km/h
Updated: 04/09/2020, 16:18
1. Paul Candler 100.26 km/h
2. Matty Hall 92.86 km/h
3. Malcolm Birch 91.73 km/h
Updated: 04/09/2020, 16:20
1. Christian Brunschen 81.44 km/h
2. Peter Brown 50.15 km/h
Updated: 04/09/2020, 16:50

Latest task

Task 6, 31 Aug 2020
Task distance: 249.48 km
Updated: 31/08/2020, 08:52
Task 5, 31 Aug 2020
Task distance: 156.19 km
Updated: 31/08/2020, 20:22
Task 5, 31 Aug 2020
Task distance: 100.31 km
Updated: 31/08/2020, 08:49

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