Not the Dunstable Regionals 2020

Dunstable LGC, United Kingdom,   22 August 2020 – 31 August 2020

Welcome to the Dunstable Regionals 2020

Held at the end of August, when most of the fields have been cut, The Dunstable Regionals is a great competition for pilots of all levels. Here are just some of the reasons why we think you should come and join us.

  • We are a friendly club with a reputation for running a challenging but fun competition with the majority of competitors, club members and visitors alike returning year after year.
  • We have a well run professional restaurant, serving breakfast, lunch and evening meals.
  • Affordable Club Bar open every evening.
  • Entries will be split into two classes to accommodate all classes of gliders.
  • Plenty of space on site for caravans and tents with good showers available in the clubhouse.
  • Great location on the beautiful Dunstable Downs with plenty of nice walking options for family and crews as well as access to cinemas, shopping and other activities in Aylesbury or Milton Keynes.
  • If you are short of crew, pilots run a WhatsApp retrieve group that has worked very well over the last few years.
  • Pundits and novices are all welcome and we plan to encourage a mentoring scheme within the competition.
  • Lastly if you have any questions please contact me though the Competition Secretary,

I look forward to welcoming you to Dunstable.

Mark Newland-Smith, Comp Director


Entry Form can be opened here

Entry fee is £180, Deposit £50 Due 20th April, Balance Due 20th July. Juniors half price. 

Written by: Paul Candler on 30 January 2020 at 10:55.

Latest winner

1. Ed Johnson 108.11 km/h
2. Helen Hingley 98.50 km/h
3. Nick Tillet 97.26 km/h
Updated: 04/09/2020, 16:18
1. Paul Candler 100.26 km/h
2. Matty Hall 92.86 km/h
3. Malcolm Birch 91.73 km/h
Updated: 04/09/2020, 16:20
1. Christian Brunschen 81.44 km/h
2. Peter Brown 50.15 km/h
Updated: 04/09/2020, 16:50

Latest task

Task 6, 31 Aug 2020
Task distance: 249.48 km
Updated: 31/08/2020, 08:52
Task 5, 31 Aug 2020
Task distance: 156.19 km
Updated: 31/08/2020, 20:22
Task 5, 31 Aug 2020
Task distance: 100.31 km
Updated: 31/08/2020, 08:49